Dillon EDxtreme Dynamometer
Dillon EDxtreme Dynamometer
Price: $ 2,070.00 to $ 51,680.00
Dillon EDxtreme Dynamometer
10 Ranges up to 550,000 Lb-f/ 250,000 kgf
High resolution and accurate repeatable readings
The EDxtreme Dillon Dynamometer is an example of trademark precision and rugged construction of dynanometers. Its highly refined design draws on the inherent strengths of premium-grade materials to achieve a 5:1 minimum factor of safety. While the EDxtreme Dillon Dynamometers may be configured for something as simple as a digital hanging scale, it offers a higher level of intelligence. With user-defined functions and sophisticated communication options, the EDxtreme readily adapts to multi-tasking operations or multi-link systems capable of monitoring a series of critical stress points from a single locations - it is the definition of application versatility. Building a precision instrument that can survive real-world punishment requires masterful engineering. This is where Dillon's experience shines through. The engineers assigned to the EDxtreme drew on a depth of industrial application knowledge and conducted exhaustive materials testing to achieve the highest structural integrity.

Please click on the links below for additional information on the models available for this product:
Models Available Price
Dillon AWT05-506302 EDx-1T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles & Radio Output, 2,500 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506303 EDx-2T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles & Radio Output, 5,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506304 EDx-5T EDxtreme with 2 shackles & Radio Output, 10,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506305 EDx-10T EDxtreme with 2 shackles & Radio Output, 25,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506306 EDx-25T-RR EDxtreme with 2 Shackles & Radio Output, 55,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506307 EDx-50T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles & Radio Output, 100,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506308 EDx-75T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles & Radio Output, 160,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506309 EDx-100T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles & Radio Output, 220,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506310 EDx-150T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles & Radio Output, 330,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506311 EDx-250T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles & Radio Output, 550,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506312 EDx-1T EDxtreme Dynamometer with 2 Shackles, 2,500 lbf
Dillon AWT05-506313 EDx-2T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles, 5,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506314 EDx-5T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles, 10,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506315 EDx-10T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles, 25,000 lbf Capacity
Dillon AWT05-506316 EDx-25T EDxtreme with 2 Shackles, 50,000 lbf Capacity

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