StraightPoint LP Load Sensor Cabled or Wireless Standard Loadpin
StraightPoint LP Load Sensor Cabled or Wireless Standard Loadpin

Long range 2.4GHz version providing industry leading wireless range of 1000m or 3280ft to SP's SW-HHP handheld or software options
Bluetooth output and can be connected to any smart phone running our free HHP app on iOS or Android at ranges up to 100m or 328ft
Cabled version with mV/V or analogue or digital output. Subsea option also available
The StraightPoint LMP Load Sensor Cabled or Wireless Standard Loadpin is range of Loadpins (LMPs) or shear pins are designed for use in applications where an end of line load cell cannot be used or when an integrated solution is required in applications such as pulley or sheave axles, moorings, supports, winches or support blocks.

Please click on the links below for additional information on the models available for this product:
Models Available Price
StraightPoint LP1000T Loadpin 1000te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789288
StraightPoint LP100T Loadpin 100te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789284
StraightPoint LP1500T Loadpin 1500te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789289
StraightPoint LP15T Loadpin 15te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789281
StraightPoint LP1T Loadpin 1te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789277
StraightPoint LP2.5T Loadpin 2.5te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789278
StraightPoint LP250T Loadpin 250te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789285
StraightPoint LP25T Loadpin 25te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789282
StraightPoint LP3.5T Loadpin 3.5te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789279
StraightPoint LP500KG Loadpin 500kg with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789276
StraightPoint LP500T Loadpin 500te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789286
StraightPoint LP50T Loadpin 50te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789283
StraightPoint LP6.5T Loadpin 6.5te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789280
StraightPoint LP750T Loadpin 750te with 10m Cable - Crosby 2789287

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